Other puzzle sites

There are a lot of puzzle sites that advertise acrostic word puzzles, either to play online or to download and print. Many are free. Some are in fact anagram puzzles and not really acrostics. True acrostic puzzles require that reading the first letter of each clue word spells out something, usually the author and title of the work. In an anagram puzzle the quote is rearranged into other words without any requirement that the first letters spell anything. Sometimes the word “anacrostic” is used to denote the anagram-type puzzle. To many people the difference is not significant, and both types of puzzles can be enjoyable. True acrostic puzzles are more difficult to write but not necessarily more difficult to solve.

Here are some other puzzle sites with brief descriptions. “Print versions” means PDF files unless otherwise noted. Please let me know if I need to update the list or have left anyone out!

First, a Wikipedia article about acrostic puzzles: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acrostic(puzzle)

About.com has a listing of “acrostic” puzzle sites, too.

Word-puzzles.org lists six acrostic-type puzzle sites.

Acrostics by Cyn featuring puzzles by Cynthia Morris, has samples of American Acrostics that “bring U.S. history to life (and make it fun!) by combining challenging quotation puzzles with little-known facts, humorous anecdotes and philosophical musings about this remarkable country of ours.” Cynthia also has CynAcrostics in two volumes, the first with quotations from books and the second with quotes from movies. Her volumes of Animacrostics are for younger solvers. Books of Cynthia’s puzzles are available on Amazon.

The interesting website “The Drapers Guild” which appears to be a potpourri of economics, politics, philosophy, and literature, among other things, also has a collection of printable acrostic puzzles in this section.

Theo’s Acrostics currently (as of May 2015) contains 200 printable acrostic puzzles. The answers are protected by a password that Theo encourages you to figure out.

Crostix.com has a Java program to download and six free sample acrostic puzzles. Others can be purchased once you have an account.

Dr Awkward’s Lyric Acrostics has downloadable print versions of song lyric acrostic puzzles.

Sue Gleason’s Double Crostic Puzzle Page has a Java applet for online acrostic puzzles, and they can be printed, too.

Eve Strong Meyers’ The Acrostic Place has sample acrostic puzzles for printing, and print versions of additional puzzles can be ordered.

Arthur Bloch’s Metacrostics site has printable puzzles with four-line rhyming clues.

All Star Puzzles has many short anagram puzzles to play online.

DKM Acrostics has a list of short online anagram puzzles and a way to create your own.

Acrostics.org has anagram puzzles, to play online or you can download print versions.

Printable-puzzles.com has print versions of anagram puzzles to download.