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The Times, They Were A’Changin’

Welcome to Acrostica! Here you’ll find information about challenging acrostic (also called double-crostic, quote-acrostic, etc.) word puzzles. Updated occasionally.

Need some good advice for working acrostic puzzles? Cynthia Morris has some for you at her blog. Read her Top Ten Tips and Tricks for Solving Acrostics.

Acrostica is now in print! Here’s the link to volume I, on Amazon: Acrostica I, 2nd edition
Note that the first edition had a minor error — one of the answer keys was for a different puzzle. The correct answer key is posted on the pocamug.com website.

Here are links to the other volumes on Amazon: Acrostica II, Acrostica III; and finally, Acrostica IV.

The books are in the 8.5 x 11 inch format, each with fifty puzzles from past postings. Because the puzzles are now available in print, they have been taken offline. I’m currently working on volume five, and hope to finish it this year (2016).

Speaking of new books, Cynthia Morris, who has the AmericanAcrostics.com website containing her blog (also linked to above), now has three series of her acrostic puzzles available on Amazon, each in two volumes so far. The first two series are American Acrostics and CynAcrostics.

The third series contains two volumes of acrostic puzzles written especially for the younger set. They are called AnimaCrostics and they are perfect for the beginning puzzlers on your gift list. Don’t let them know how much they’re learning when they solve these — let them think they’re just having fun!


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This puzzle posted May 13, 2015.

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